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How to Join

We want anyone interested in starting their fitness journey to be able to find a program they like, feel comfortable with and can see themselves getting amazing progress from. We offer two group-based memberships.
IOF 360
Our 60-minute class builds your base and gets you strong and lean. Workout includes stretching, strength, and serious sweating.
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Our 60-min class is high intensity at it’s finest.  This combines full-body movements by means of cardio and weights, including olympic lifting.  Every day is different.
Try A Class Free
6-Week Challenge
Our 6-WEEK challenge is for those who need to kick start their fitness along with a nutrition plan c. 18 workouts and 6-weeks of meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes to get you going on the right track asap!
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Step 1:

Come in for a FREE TRIAL class.  We want to make sure it’s a fit for you and us.  This also allows us to see your current fitness level so we can guide you more appropriately on your fitness journey.

Step 2:

Get signed up!  We have 3 different programs you can get started with, which may vary depending on your current schedule, goals, or fitness level.  Regardless, we’re here to help you!