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How to Join

We want anyone interested in starting their fitness journey to be able to find a program they like, feel comfortable with and can see themselves getting amazing progress from. We offer two group-based memberships.
IOF 360
Our “IOF 360” class is for those looking for more endurance and some amazing muscular endurance with the basic strength training needed for any good conditioning program. This is great for beginners who don’t want to be throwing a barbell around, as well as though looking to amp up their cardio.
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Our CrossFit program offers more flexibility with class times and is the next step up from the Metcon classes. Here, you’ll get strength training and some serious cardio but through a more complex means that the Metcon class. Regardless of class choice, CrossFit or Metcon, all movements are scalable to ability level.
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6-Week Challenge
We also offer a 6-WEEK challenge where members who need to kick start their fitness along with a nutrition plan can attack new goals from any level. The challenge includes 18 workouts and 6-weeks of meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes to get you going on the right track asap! After completing the challenge you can opt in to our Metcon or CrossFit program to keep your results moving forward.
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Step 1:

Come in for a FREE TRIAL class.  We want to make sure it’s a fit for you and us.  This also allows us to see your current fitness level so we can guide you more appropriately on your fitness journey.

Step 2:

Get signed up!  We have 3 different programs you can get started with, which may vary depending on your current schedule, goals, or fitness level.  Regardless, we’re here to help you!